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Employee Information System

AMW launches New Employee Intranet

Welcome to the all-new AMW Intranet called 'Pit Stop' that incorporates a fresh new design, making it much more user-friendly and easy to navigate. Packed with the latest pictures, news and updates on AMW, along with interesting and helpful articles, the Intranet aims to be a virtual gathering place for employees.

New features on Pit Stop include opinion polls to gauge the mood of employees on different topics. The new intranet also has a section at the top of the screen that gives access to HR resources and applications, including salary slips, leave applications, attendance data and other relevant functions as was in the ESS.

Another exciting new feature on Pit Stop is the section on Health Tips for employees to keep themselves fit while at work. Since we are in the automotive industry it is only fitting that the new intranet also offers useful tips on vehicle maintenance.

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